What we do

Seminars and training events

Each year, the Europe Region organizes a number of seminars, workshops or tailored events.  These trainings are designed to help the general development of associations on issues like membership, leaders’ training, or to provide specific strategic support.  They are a place where associations can exchange experiences and develop partnerships to help their future work. Some events are also planned jointly with the European Region of WOSM.

Details of all our events can be found in the events pages of this website and on the europak website

The Europe Region is also involved in several Networks.

The North-South and Overture Networks provide open forums to national Guide and Scout Associations interested and active in the field of co-operation and development education and working with minorities.  These two networks meet twice yearly for the exchange of information and experiences. 

The Growth Network meetingsare organized jointly between WAGGGS and WOSM to share best practices and ideas about membership growth and to create a peer network across Europe with input from associations around the different growth factors. Currently the Growth Network meets twice a year.  Each meeting focuses on different aspects relating to membership growth and invitations are circulated through Europak.

We also organize events for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in the Europe Region.


Roverway 2012 was a major event implemented in partnership with WOSM and hosted by Finland.    Just under 4000 young people from 52 countries participated.

The next edition of Roverway will be in 2016 in France. 





The Europe Region has produced a number of documents for associations to help their development. Toolkits containing information and practical advice have been produced on a variety of subjects such as educational programme and training, recruitment and retention, advocacy, child protection and including young people with disabilities in Guiding and Scouting. We have produced guidelines to help associations to develop partnerships at national and local level and a Charter on Gender to examine the role gender plays in their association. WAGGGS has also an online resource: Facilitating and Improving the Volunteering Environment - 5 steps to Volunteering in Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting.  

See here for a complete list of resources available from the Europe Region.