Joint work with the European Scout Region

As many of the Member Organizations of the Europe Region WAGGGS also belong to the European Scout Region, there are many areas of work common to our two Movements and projects on which we can work together.

At the 12th European Guide and Scout Conference held in Portoroz, Slovenia, in May 2007 a major step forward was taken in the joint work between WAGGGS and WOSM. The European committees made a new proposal; there would be no joint plan. Rather, the two Regional Committees identified common areas of interest in which we have developed 7 areas of joint work and agreed to develop actions for these needs jointly. The emphasis would then be on the best use of available resources, non-duplication of effort and on actions rather than plans.

Key themes

We identified three key themes that will shape our work in this triennium:


    By working together we will achieve more – and we will provide a better service to our Member Organizations and National Scout Organizations. We will benefit from each others strengths and from the experiences we have in each area. We will avoid duplication and share resources wherever possible. We will share the spirit of Guiding and Scouting to develop and empower young people as committed, responsible, autonomous and supporting members of society.

    We know that new trends arise that we need to respond to and that new circumstances arise in Associations that need to be supported. We are a learning organization but we are a non-formal one. We learn as we do, and we learn from each other. We all need to be open to new ways of doing things and to understand the different projects and activities that already take place in Member Organizations and National Scout Organizations – and how these can be shared and learned from throughout the region.

    We may be quite an old organization, but there is still some growing to do. We can reach more young people and more adult volunteers through developing our programmes and trainings. This development will lead us to specifically address the needs of boys and girls. But it is not just about numbers – it’s also about quality. We can work together to develop and grow the quality of our Guiding and Scouting and this will lead to more engagement from adult volunteers and from young people.


The actions you will read in the overview are being planned and implemented. There are some events, some tools and some other actions that will all take place in the coming years. We have included a draft calendar of events which will be confirmed in Seminars and Events each year. 

The Committees and volunteers will take the lead in the implementation of each activity and will be supported by the professional teams in both offices. Our Regional Directors will be working together to ensure that the right resources are allocated to each action. 

The Committees will continue to monitor and review the implementation of the actions and will propose adjustments where necessary. We wish to develop the involvement of the working groups of both regions and so have agreed that the various groups in both regions will always meet over the same weekend and in a location that allows for a common session to develop the joint actions. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 this will be either at Our Chalet or Kandersteg International Scout Centre.

Working together

We are also shaping our work in line with the various recommendations adopted at the 12th European Scout and Guide Conference and these have emerged as transversal themes in our Joint Actions. At all times we will be looking at how to organize our events to ensure maximum participation, encourage youth participation, provide information on funding opportunities and participate in policy discussions affecting Guiding and Scouting. We will also be working to ensure that needs of girls and boys, men and women, are met in all of our work.

We will also be developing the recommendation on languages in the Europe Region and the Committees have appointed a task force to take this forward.

We are very excited about the actions and believe it shows the increasing commitment to joint work that both regions have. We pledge to you that we will ensure its implementation and look forward to your continued support in achieving that.

Both Regions support Associations who have developed informal networks on specific areas of Guiding and Scouting such as the North-South Network and the Overtures Network.

We also work together to influence and contribute to issues affecting young people in Europe today.