Trainers and Events Working Group

The Trainers & Events group aims at supporting the planning and delivery of regional activities and projects. During 2011 the members of the group will be involved in several activities such as: delivering WAGGGS workshops at national events, planning and implementing regional events (e.g. Pick n Mix 2011, The Academy, Seminar on Partnerships), developing tools and educational materials for Member Organisations. 

Members of the group are:

Trainers & Events Working Group Alenka Oblak (Slovenia)
 Cecile Drouillet (France)
 Deborah Sutton (UK)
 Inga Audbjorg Kristjansdottir (Iceland)
 Katerina Agorogianni (Greece)
 Linda Broer (The Netherlands)
 Louise Browne (Ireland)
 Sabine Zorn (Germany)
 Sara Bertocci (Italy)
 Sharon O'neill Libreri (Malta)
 Tadeja Zajec (Slovenia)
 Zita Szalai (Hungary) 

The group is coordinated by Amanda Medler (Europe Committee WAGGGS) with the support of Paola Cervo (Development Executive).