Regional Committee

The Europe Committee WAGGGS was elected by delegates to the 14th European Guide Conference, which met in Berlin, Germany in August 2013. Find out more about the Europe Committee on this page.  To contact any Committee Member just click on their name.

The members of the Europe Committee are: 

Corinna Hauri - Europe Committee ChairCorinna Hauri  (Switzerland)  

Corinna was elected to her 2nd term of the Europe Committee and was elected to her current position of chair by the committee members.  

Corinna's personal statement:
I want to continue the work of the past triennium, especially the approach of tailoring the support to the needs of each association through the work with the mentors. I am convinced that this approach will help Member Organisations to grow in quality and quantity.



Europe Committee 2010 - member

Amanda Medler (UK)

Amanda was also elected to her 2nd term and subsequently to the position of Vice-Chair by her fellow Committee members. 

Amanda's personal statement:
I look forward to contributing further to the strategic development in Europe using my experiences in Girlguiding UK and as a Regional Committee Member to ensure Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting remains relevant to young people today.




Nina Fleck - Europe Committee Member Nina Fleck (Sweden)

Nina joined the Europe Committe in January 2012 and in August 2013 was elected to her 2nd term. 

Nina's personal statement:
I want to enable all girls and young women to have the chance to be a Girl Guide or Girl Scout to develop to their fullest potential. We can and must grow, and we can maintain members by developing great quality programmes. The Region is a key player to enable growth through quality, and I want to work in the Committee to enable girls have the wonderful experiences that I have had.


Sharon O'Neill Libreri - Europe Committee Member

Sharon O'Neill Libreri (Malta)

Sharon was elected to her fist term as a member of the Europe Committee.

Sharon's personal statement:
I have been a member in WAGGGS for 32 years, thus Guiding for me is a way of life and does indeed form a core part of my life. Since I made my promise as a Brownie 32 years ago, I have managed to grow and gain experience and expertise in various areas through my various strategic roles within my Member Organisation and also through my work for 6 years at Regional and World level as an active trainer/facilitator.

Eri Papadopoulou - Europe Committee MemberEri Papadopoulou (Greece) 

Eri was elelected to her 2nd term as member of the Europe Committee

Eri's personal statement:
Being in the Committee has helped me grow and develop into what I am today. I have realized the strengths and needs of the Region and I feel ready to face new challenges richer in learning and experiences. I have developed strong ties with the Region and I want to contribute to its further development, focusing on the vision for 2025 for stronger guiding in every European country.


Pascale Vandersmissen - Europe CommitteePascale Vandersmissen (Belgium)

Pascale was elected tp her 2nd term with the Europe Committee.

Pascale's personal statement:
From my very first Regional Conference in 2001, I was fascinated by the women on stage taking the lead at this level of leadership beside their daily lives and jobs. It was the turning point where I also started to realise that this was something that could make a difference, a new challenge, and a new way for me to explore and use my energy and guiding drive. From there on I did not stop reading documents and reports, and made friends all over the world with whom I could learn, but also with whom I could openly share my ideas and passion for guiding and global issues.