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The aim of this micro site is to bring you news, and information from the region.   Up to date news on guiding and scouting events can be found here  or if you are interested in knowing who the member organisations in the Europe Region and seeing what they are up to then follow this link. News on the Centenary, the Young Women’s World Forum, the GAT and much more can be found on this page.  Maybe you are looking for a publication, toolkit or some other resource? if so, try here.  If you have something you would like to share with us please do not hesitate to contact us

WAGGGS Leadership Resources now availableWAGGGS Leadership Resources now available

1 July 2014

WAGGGS Leadership Resources now available

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We are calling YOU to become an Intern!We are calling YOU to become an Intern!

15 July 2014

Find out how you can become either the Programme, Guest Services or Marketing and Communications Intern at Sangam in India or Our Chalet in Switzerland!

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'A world that we are free to be ourselves!''A world that we are free to be ourselves!'

3 July 2014

Read about what we got up to in June with the Asia Pacific and Bharat Scouts and Guides Free Being Me Training!

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35th World Conference web pages35th World Conference web pages

16 July 2014

Check out here anything you might have missed at the conference?

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14th European Guide and Scout Conference, Berlin 2013

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