Guides in Belgium reach out to the Guides and Scouts in Haiti

26 January 2010

Les Guides Catholique de Belgique (GCB) are mobilizing to help the Guides and Scouts in Haiti.  Following the devastating earthquake more than two weeks ago, GCB, together with the Scouts et Guides de France have created a project “Solidarité Haiti.”  As well as the mission which is already in Haiti to help the Haitian Scouts and Guides with their relief efforts and identify their needs, 200 local groups of GCB will make and sell solidarity bracelets, made in the colours of the Haitian flag.  All the money raised will go to support the Haitian Guides and Scouts and their efforts to help the local population.

Solidarity Banner


GCB has also launched a solidarity fund in Belgium to collect donations for the Guides and Scouts of Haiti – you can find more information about how to order the bracelets or how to make a donation on their website


The Europe Region WAGGGS supports every effort being made by Girl Guides and Girl Scouts across Europe to help their brothers and sisters in Scouting and Guiding in Haiti, their families and their local communities and recently supported a call to Members of the European Parliament to ensure the well-being of children in the relief operations”.

You can let us know how you are showing solidarity to Haiti by leaving a message in the box below.

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