NEW - International Commissioner Induction Pack (IC Pack)

21 June 2012

IC Pack Cover

The Europe Region WAGGGS is very pleased to introduce our newest toolkit on International Education;  namely  the.

This valuable toolkit has been conceived by listening, sharing and gathering input from former and current International Commissioners, based on their reality and knowledge and will support new and experienced ICs alike in their tasks. The Europe Region WAGGGS would like to thank all those Volunteers, Committee Members and Staff that have put a lot of energy into this project.

The aim of this toolkit is not only to reach and support ICs but also to raise the awareness of the  decision makers in Member Organizations as to the pivotal role that ICs have in their associations and what the position of an International Commissioner is all about.

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback on this IC Pack and are ready to answer all your questions, discuss your doubts and listen to your tips and comments since the concept of this toolkit is to revise this edition with updates from  time to time when necessary.

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Alice Boateng - 27 June 2012 - 10.36AM (GMT)

this is very great love it. good work done

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