The Girl Guide Association of Portugal celebrates 100 years of guiding

Centenary cake


For the 100th day of the year, April 10th, the Portuguese Girl Guides participated in several activities all over the country.

Each district had its own different way of celebrating but with a common theme - each participant had to bring a non-guide friend along - and some had to answer the question: "what is it like growing up in the girl guides?"




Here are some of the answers:

Growing up in the Girl Guides is making friends for life, cementing our values for ever and having the most beautiful memories.

Learning how to live in each passing day, learning to dream, learning to live without the things that we don't need is undoubtedly learning how to live.

Growing up in the Girl Guides is to share, to work, to make good deeds and so many other good things

Growing up in the girl guides was the best opportunity that came into my life and I make good friends, I know new places, new cultures...I grew as a person. Living in the Nature is the best thing of all. To be a Girl Guides... Forever!!

The districts respected the four elements of the activity and they used the number 100, they made good deeds, they explored the international component in their games, and they all made a party.

The Girl Guides involved their communities in their activities by going to places where some new units could be opened. They collected food to give to some institutions, invited parents, members of the communities and old Guides to participate in these activities.

There is a Centenary Diary that is passing through all units during the three years centenary period, so that they can all leave messages. One district received the diary from parachutists.

Centenary celebrations - PortugalAlso as part of the centenary celebrations, the national committee held a lunch and gathering with old Guides that were part of old national committees.

As part of the programme of the lunch it was passed a presentation about the association activities of the last 10 years, and there was a moment during the afternoon to share old histories. The old Guides complimented the Guiding Spirit that keeps the same.