AGESCI guides visit the Europe Office in Brussels


We are three Italian Scouts, two Guides and our Scoutmaster from AGESCI.

In order to gain our proficiency badge, we thought that visiting Brussels, the city that hosts the European Institutions, would have been the best opportunity.

We looked for information about the journey and about the places to visit and we were also willing to get in contact with other scouts, so we thought to write to the WAGGGS Europe Office.

AGESCI Guides visit Europe OfficeThus, the 19th of May, once arrived to destination, we went immediately to the base, where the people at the Europe Office welcomed us very kindly and through an entertaining quiz they explained us what WAGGGS is, what does it deal with, which are its tasks and which nations and projects belong to WAGGGS.

We were given the chance to ask some questions that we had previously prepared, they showed us some very interesting projects of the association around the world, and finally we were given a lot of WAGGGS’ gadgets as a present. It was a great experience and we suggest it to every guide and scout!


AGESCI Guides visit the European Parliament


Eventually we said goodbye to the Europe Office staff and we continued our tour around Brussels, visiting the European Parliament, La Grand Place and the city centre.

Unfortunately we have to go back to Italy, but our work is not over as we will have to show to our home group everything we learned from this experience.



We really enjoyed understanding how the guide and scout associations are organized at a global level, we were pleased to discover that through educational programs, WAGGGS faces problems that involve young people like us and tries to make them “responsible citizens of the world”.

                                                          Elisa, Elisabetta e Luca