Warwickshire (UK) Girl Guides Visit the Europe Office

Ist Overslade Guide Unit

In July 2011 during a 6 day visit to Brussels, Belgium, travelling via Eurostar from the UK and staying in a local youth hostel, the Ist overslade guides, a group of 8 guides, 2 young leaders and 5 adult leaders visited the Europe office on 26 July to learn more about the Region. 


This is what they have to say about their visit:

Bonjour! Hola! Hello!
We are guides from Rugby and have come to Belgium to discover chocolate, culture & the Manneken Pis!
We arrived on the Eurostar and have walked aound Brussels discovering the Atomnium, Planetarium, chocolate factories, museums and the WAGGGS Europe HQ.  All a lot of fun.
We have had a great time learning all about Girl Guiding and would like to thank the WAGGGS staff and our leaders for making the vist possible.

Amy, Grace, Adele & Lucy

After meeting the staff and a quick look around the offices we enhanced our knowledge of WAGGGS with a quiz.  The staff who were friendly and helpful were full of useful info which we can take back to Rugby, Works, England and share.

Wendy, Jenny , Grace , Beth & Holly

We really enjoyed our visit to the WAGGGS Europe office.  We came to find out more about Girl Guiding and we learnt that WAGGGS has a lot of responsibility in the world.  It made us feel that every contribution we make has a big impact in our world.

Issy, Lauren, Dana, Jacqui & Nicola

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