Stop the Violence - speak out for girls’ rights

Stop the Violence
Girls have the right to live free from violence and the fear of violence. Yet six out of ten girls across the world will be subject to violence in their lifetime – this is wrong and must stop.

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is running a 'Stop the violence. Speak out for girls' rights' campaign.

Add your voice so we can start the conversation on an issue we have been silent on for too long. It’s so simple. In just a few clicks you will have added your voice to our campaign counter and taken action to transform lives. If you want to speak out even more, you can also upload films, stories or add comments to the site.

Pass this on to your friends, families and networks, helping build the noise from a whisper to a shout. Just forward on this email, or put a promo button on your website, write about the campaign in your magazine or visit our website for more ideas on how to spread the word.

Stop the Violence

Your voice will be one in millions and together we can lobby governments, start conversations in our communities and influence decision-makers at all levels. Together we can change people’s minds and change girls’ lives.

Women and girls cannot and will not wait another 100 years to see the end of inequality, to see the end of violence against girls and women.
Lakshmi Puri, UN Women


Every girl has the right to live free from violence or the fear of violence, so let’s take action and be the change.
                                                                        Taneka, Guyana Girl Guides Association


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Chantel reith - 19 November 2013 - 6.22PM (GMT)

I have been subject to bullying / violence at school by both girls and boys For around 3 years I have tried to ignore it and tried to sort it out involving teachers and parents but they still carried on. I ended up moving school because it got so bad leaving all my friends I had known from nursery. I have the right to be happy in school and free from bullying and violence.

mia - 26 February 2012 - 3.47PM (GMT)

we should stop this violence now not next week or next year!

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