Day 3 - Friday 16th March 2012

This morning some patrols did the water tower climb where they were able to see a great view of Sangam. Another group of us did yoga. It was an energizing and refreshing experience to get us ready for our community partner visits.

After breakfast, we visited four of the many community partners that Sangam has. They were:

Aman Setu school

This is a local school which has students who are aged 3 to 16. The school is built from mud, bamboo and recycled materials using volunteer work. One of the recycled materials is plastic bottles. The kids learn by experience. They have their own animals, pond, and garden. We had time to play games and presented Guiding and Scouting to the students. They are thinking about starting a Guiding/Scouting group at the school. They were very excited to have us at the school and were very curious to learn about Guiding/Scouting as well. We were very excited to be at the school.

WLDP Sangam - Day 3 - Photo 4Swatch

They are an organization to deal with waste management and recycling in Pune. They coordinate collection of waste in two categories: dry and wet. Dry waste consists of recyclables such as paper, aluminium, plastic and wrappers. Wet waste is all food, yard waste, and items that can be composted. The wet waste is processed by verim culture or bio gasification. The dry waste is separated and sold by material. The waste pickers are independent workers who collect waste from households every morning and separate it. We went through the official slum beside Sangam to see how the collection is done. Then, we picked up some garbage in the area. Afterwards, we visited a bio gasification plant. In Pune, if a household separates their waste into dry and wet, they get a 5% rebate on their property tax.


WLDP Sangam - Day 3 - photo 2Eco-Exist

This is a social enterprise that promotes eco-sensitive products such as edible holy powder, biodegradable plates and bowls, and recycled bags. They participate in festivals and find out what products they can use. There were two sewing machines for making the recycled bags before they are sent for printing. They use local workers and support women and physically challenged children. From the conversations we had, we learned about how the social enterprise started, and the challenges they faced along the way. We saw great passion from them.

Indrad Hanush

We visited the building where they have interactive displays for children (and adults) to learn about the history of Pune, how the city grew, environmental problems, and the city’s solutions. They had colourful pictures, posters, 3D model of the water system, and a fuel pump that shows there is no more fuel after the year 2050. These displays help the public understand the problems, how they are affected by them, and what they can do to improve the environment. This place is also a platform for non-governmental organizations with environmental goals to get together and discuss their issues. Afterwards, we went to the auditorium for a presentation about the city’s environmental report. They presented facts about water, air, noise, and transportation in the city, as well as their environmental performance compared to the national standards. We also learned about their plans for their future environmental initiatives.

WLDP Sangam - Day 3


At lunch and in the afternoon, we shared our experiences at our community partner visits with everyone else. Then, we learned about leadership theories and how they apply in different situations. After our afternoon tea, we had our first link up with Our Chalet. We asked each other questions about our seminars and were able to say hi to the other participants. Before supper, we did leadership style questionnaires to identify the type of leader we are. This evening we will have our international fair where each participant will be able to represent typical characteristics of their country. As well, each region will be doing a presentation for others.




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