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25 Enero 2012

Europe-Africa Journey to Leadership 2011: the WAGGGS leadership development project

The 'Europe-Africa Journey to Leadership’ seminar was held from 4 to 10 September 2011 in Bujumbura(Burundi) with the support of the Association des Guides du Burundi. Twenty eight young women from 26 countries attended the event, which was one of the core parts of a one year long project implemented by the Europe and Africa Regions.

Group Picture - Burundi - Journey to Leadership 2011

WLDP in ActionEurope-Africa Journey to leadership was a project based on the WAGGGS Leadership Development Programme (WLDP) educational criteria. The main purpose of this project was to provide opportunities for existing leaders to develop international leadership skills and experiences to meet their needs and the needs of their youth association at national, regional and world level and to promote the participation of young women in civil society.

During the evaluation participants said:

 I have learnt that to work with others is most important if I have to achieve my goals
I have learnt that as a leader I need to be collaborative, innovative and know how to work with different situations. I have learnt more about the different guiding principles for leaders
I appreciate how Guiding is and works in other countries; it has been great to see concretely how Guiding can contribute to community development as sometimes this feels like a slogan more than a reality

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Participants learnt about female leadership and gender equality and the impact that women can have at different levels of society. They had the chance to exchange practices and information on leadership and partnership in different countries, and to understand the grassroots reality of rural Guiding inBurundi. They gained leadership related skills and competences and became able to multiply their skills in their associations.

After the training, participants worked in order to develop leadership in their associations and communities and started projects dedicated to MDG 3: promote gender equality and empower women and MDG 8: develop a global partnership for development.

Click here to download the full report of the project and discover how they decided to make a difference after the WLDP training event in Burundi. Click here for the French version of the report. (Cliquez ici pour la version du rapport en Français).

You can also read the daily updates that the participants sent fromBurundi during the WLDP training event and what they discovered during the project in the report.

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