Fundraiser retraces 7,000km route cycled by Girl Guides in 1939

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23 Mayo 2012

An Australian ‘Robin Brown’ is cycling across Europe to retrace the route ridden by his Mother, a British Guider, on the eve of World War ll. in 1939.
By cycling he is raising the funds to support the MDGs and Girl Guiding.

This year he is planning to cover the second part of the route, starting from Our Chalet, Switzerland to Bergen in Norway!

Robin Brown Cycling across Europe & Sally
Robin has a dream of raising money for Guiding in the Pacific Islands. He’s asked Guide groups in Europe if they’ll accommodate him and he’ll donate the equivalent cost of a hotel room to WAGGGS. He’s also seeing how he can raise money in Australia and New Zealand to support Guiding in the Pacific Islands as a way to achieve gender empowerment there.

On 16 April 1939 two 25 year old members of the Girl Guide Movement – Bill (Freda Cole, Robin's mother) and Berry (Doris Rowberry) pedaled out of their home town of Worcester in England to start a journey of about 7,000 kilometers through France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden to Bergen, Norway.

In 2010 Robin completed half the ride with couple of friends.
Starting at Our Chalet - Girl Guide and Girl Scout Centre in Adelboden, Switzerland on 23 May he is planning to complete the entire route this year.

Robins' and his mothers' journals are available at

The route can be seen at here.

For a few years I have been involved in work to assist developing countries. This is with an organisation I founded – the Foundation for Effective Markets and Governance I have become convinced that once basic needs of livelihood are provided UN Millennium Development Goal Number 3 - Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women (UN MDG3) is the key to strong development. With my wife and my sister, I have started a fund for UN MDG3 in developing Pacific nations to which we have so far donated $20,000. I am hoping to raise some money during the ride. I am asking for donations to WAGGGS for its work in the Pacific.
I am also proposing that my companion and I donate to 80 euros each for any accommodation that is provided along the route. I would therefore very much appreciate your help in contacting Girl Guide/Scout families along our route who might be interested in participating.

 Robin Brown at Our Chalet

At Our Chalet we are honoured and inspired by his vision and efforts and we wish him a safe ride and many fundraising successes!

On his travels through Hanover, Germany Robin met with some local Scouts and the news was picked up by the local media. 

We hope that many Guiding and Scouting homes will open the doors to Robin. Follow his journey and progress on his blog.


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