Malta Girl Guides Association hosted its 14th Annual Convention “Changing Lives”

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Changing Lives

Stop the Violence – Speak Out for Girls’ Rights

The weekend before the fuss of Woman’s Day kicked in, from the 2nd till the 4th of March 2012, the Malta Girl Guides Association hosted its 14th Annual Convention "Changing Lives". The opening panel discussion was the official launch of the campaign itself in Malta. Distinguished guests included ‘Aġenzija Żgħażagħ’, the National Council for Women, the Commissioner for Domestic Violence and the Maltese Confederation for Women Organisations. All the training sessions which followed served as an eye opener for Guiders to truly understand the status of women and to be motivated to take action for change. Psychological and well-being workshops were organised for all leaders present in order to help them reflect on the sufferings of these battered victims whilst other sessions focused on self-confidence, conflict resolution and problem solving. The Training Weekend was partly funded by the Small Initiatives Scheme, with the support of the Council for Voluntary Sector.

The Malta Girl Guide Association is currently developing a non-formal education programme based on a badge curriculum. Through their educational campaign, even their youngest members are being exposed to advocacy issues. Today’s 5-year old Dolphin Guide is a future wife, mother or business woman. Her current experiences influence her adulthood and her subsequent family and work life. According to statistics, a girl who suffers violence during childhood is susceptible to become a victim later on in her life.