Partnerships in Europe

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We also work on issues of common interest with the European Scout Region, representing the interests of our members and aiming to influence and contribute to the issues affecting young people living in Europe today. 

The Europe Region WAGGGS participates in a number of platforms and networks as part of its advocacy work.

The European Youth Forum

The European Youth Forum (YFJ) is a platform for international non-governmental youth organisations and national youth councils. The YFJ has more than 90 members from all over Europe , working in most fields concerning youth, and aims to increase participation of young people in decision-making processes and positively influence policies being developed by the European Institutions which affect  young people and youth organisations. 

WAGGGS works with YFJ in many ways. We participate in the General Assembly and Council of Members where we network, contribute to the development of policies and advocate on issues that are important to Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting in Europe .  Members of the Advocacy Working Group also participate in seminars and represent WAGGGS in working groups on issues such as health and the recognition of Non-formal Education. 

NGO Action Group on the EU Child Rights Strategy

The Europe Region WAGGGS is a member of the NGO Action Group on the EU Child Rights Strategy. This group of NGOs is working on children’s issues, and following and contributing to the development of EU policy on the Rights of the Child.  These NGOs work together to develop common positions, such as on the recent EU Communication on Children’s Rights.  Together, the NGO Action Group represents children’s service organizations, development organizations and participatory youth organizations such as WAGGGS. As well as representing a wide range of experience on the issues, the organizations belonging to the Action Group share information and resources in developing lobby actions toward the European Commission on children’s rights issues. 

Networking with NGOs in Brussels

WAGGGS also co-operates with a number of Brussels-based NGOs working on gender, HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive rights issues, to share information, network and advocate for the improvement of the EU institutions policies in this area.