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MO events in the Europe Region in 2014
What are the European MOs offering in the way of events for 2014? Find out what is happening and when and get ready to join in the fun.

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April 7 - World Health Day
On 7th of April, the world will be celebrating World Health Day; an opportunity for everyone to get involved in activities that lead to better health. The theme for World Health Day 2015 will be Food Safety, a theme of high relevance to all people on the planet
Overture Network Meeting
Overture Network Meeting taking place in Edinburgh 10-12 April 2015
15th European Guide Conference
Ist Conference mailing with invitation and logistical information from the hosts
Skills for Life: A holistic solution
The impact of Scouting and Guiding in Europe
Video - Working with boys and men on Gender Equality
Video made by participants at the "Working with boys and men on Gender Equality" event, May 2014.

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