WAGGGS representatives to join Arctic sailing voyage with Greenpeace

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21 Juin 2012

Two young women will embark on a sailing expedition to the Arctic to promote conservation of the Arctic region, as part of a new partnership between WAGGGS and Greenpeace.

Two young women will join a Greenpeace Arctic voyage. Photo credit: Greenpeace

Policies and programmes to combat climate change will be more successful with girls and young women at their heart.

This is why WAGGGS is proud to announce its partnership with Greenpeace as part of Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign, which highlights the threat to the fragile Arctic from both climate change and commercial activities.

Later this month, two young women from Girl Guide and Girl Scout Associations will step aboard the Arctic Sunrise, Greenpeace’s icebreaker ship, and set sail from the coast of Svalbard in Norway. 

The young women will join an international group of celebrities, filmmakers, scientists from the University of Cambridge, and Greenpeace members on board.bound for the Arctic Circle.

The Arctic Sunrise icebreaker ship will carry the travellers. Photo credit: Greenpeace

The expedition’s aim is to claim the Arctic for everybody, for future generations and for no individual nation states, and to show that the future of the Arctic matters to everybody around the world.

The two young women from WAGGGS will experience the Arctic sea ice and wildlife, and will record their adventure to share with other Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

They will join the activities of those on board for a week, filmmaking, blogging and tweeting their views, ideas and opinions on why we need to protect the Arctic and why young people need to be at the heart of the policies and decision-making that affect the environment.

The identity of the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts joining the voyage will be announced next week on the WAGGGS website.

They will take with them to the Arctic the ideas, hopes for the future and voices of 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. Why not show your support and add your comments below?

Design your own flag to be planted in the Arctic

WAGGGS will host a global flag design competition, called Flag for the Future, which will start in October 2012. 


We will invite all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to get involved. The winning flag will be planted in the Arctic by Greenpeace – claiming the Arctic for everybody around the world.

We will launch the competition on the WAGGGS website in October.

As part of WAGGGS' action on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world say “we can save our planet”, based on MDG 7: ensure environmental sustainability. Read more details of WAGGGS environmental action and initiatives.


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