The final preparations

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13th March 2012

Today has been a busy day for the Planning Team who arrived at Sangam early in order to take care of all the final preparations for the WLDP Young Women Leading for a Greener Future event that is about to start tomorrow.

At the same time participants started arriving and were able to spend their day connecting with each other and with the Sangam family. In the evening some games were played to help them to get to know each other.  Participants already started to think about how they can reduce their ecological footprint and what they would need from policy makers to do so.  After this everybody went to sleep in order to get up early for a full day on Wednesday, when the event starts!

Young Women leading for a Greener Future



Planning Team at the front gate of Sangam (Pune,India) wearing the traditional Punjabi suits in green – the event colour.




Young Women leading for a Greener Future 


Participants showing some ideas to reduce their ecological footprint.






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